Chet Holmgren Reflects on Return from Lisfranc Injury: An Encouraging Comeback for the OKC Thunder

Chet Holmgren Reflects on Return from Lisfranc Injury: An Encouraging Comeback for the OKC Thunder

In an exciting development for the OKC Thunder, Chet Holmgren made his much-anticipated return to the court after recovering from a Lisfranc injury. The towering 7-foot-1 rookie showcased his skills and resilience in his first game back, leaving fans and teammates impressed. Let’s dive into Holmgren’s thoughts and feelings following his triumphant comeback.

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Press Conference

Entering the press room with bags of ice taped to his knees, Holmgren’s presence demanded attention. As he settled into a chair, he greeted reporters and expressed his happiness to be back on the court. The relief of being healthy and able to play was evident in his words and demeanor.

Overcoming Adversity

Holmgren’s journey to this moment had not been an easy one. Last year, during a pro-am game in Seattle, he suffered a Lisfranc injury in his right foot, requiring multiple surgeries and a season-long absence from the game. However, with those challenges now behind him, Holmgren is focused on moving forward.

Fresh StartA Fresh Start

Expressing his gratitude, Holmgren emphasized that his foot feels great and that, if he could erase the memory of the injury, he wouldn’t even realize it had occurred. While his scars serve as a reminder of the difficult journey, they also symbolize his strength and resilience.

Return to the Court

In his first game back, Holmgren experienced some initial rust, appearing a step slow and missing a few shots in the first quarter. However, he quickly found his rhythm and showcased his skills over the next three quarters. With 15 points and four blocks, he impressed both fans and Thunder Summer League coach David Akinyooye.

Working Towards Full Form

While acknowledging the challenges of returning after a year-long hiatus, Holmgren expressed the need to focus on conditioning and game-specific situations. He highlighted the hurdles he must overcome to regain his in-season shape but remains confident that he will be prepared for the upcoming training camp.

The Importance of Game Experience

Holmgren acknowledged the significant difference between playing in pick-up games and competing in summer league games or NBA contests. The unique atmosphere, crowd interaction, referee decisions, and strategic elements are difficult to simulate in practice. He emphasized the value of being on the court to truly grasp the nuances of the game.


Chet Holmgren’s return from his Lisfranc injury marks an encouraging milestone for both him and the OKC Thunder. Despite some initial rust, he showcased his elite rim protection and offensive prowess, leaving a positive impression on his teammates and coaches. Holmgren’s determination, coupled with his immense talent, promises an exciting future for the Thunder organization. Fans eagerly await his continued growth and success as he embarks on his rookie season.

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