Top 5 Exclusive Leaked Images: Ryan Reynolds Reveals Deadpool’s New MCU Costume in Set Photos from Deadpool 3″

Newly released Deadpool 3 set photos reveal the first look at Ryan Reynolds’ Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Reynolds joins the MCU alongside Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and several returning characters from the previous two Deadpool movies — such as Dopinder, Vanessa, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and more — in Deadpool 3.

The Mirror (via DiscussingFilm) shared the first look at Reynolds in costume on the Deadpool 3 set. Reynolds looks fantastic in the anti-hero’s updated suit for Deadpool 3, and as the actor is not seen wearing the character’s face makeup, which serves as a reminder that Deadpool’s powers can’t heal his face, Reynolds will likely not be showing his face as Wade Wilson during the sequence that is currently being filmed in a forest setting for the movie.


In the leaked images, Reynolds sports a suit strikingly similar to his costume from the previous Deadpool movies produced by Fox, with subtle variations. Notably, Deadpool’s MCU suit features a black area below the neck and a reduction in the number of straps compared to the original attire. Nevertheless, these differences are minor, allowing the character to maintain his signature appearance as he transitions from the Fox universe to the MCU in Deadpool 3.

Reynolds’ Deadpool doesn’t have to deal with that MCU trend, as the character’s most famous suit is the red and black costume that he was seen wearing in the first two Deadpool movies. Because of that, the character does not have to change his design for Deadpool 3, keeping his iconic look. Deadpool is also not known to have the sheer amount of variant costumes that some heroes in the MCU have in the comics; however, that does not rule out suit variations for the character in the MCU — similar to his X-Men trainee shirt in Deadpool 2 — either in Deadpool 3 or wherever Reynolds appears next as Wade Wilson.


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